All-Ceramic Crowns May be the Perfect Option

Jun 30, 2015

We pride ourselves on being up-to-date with the latest technology available in order to provide our patients with cutting-edge options for their dental treatment. Advances in dental treatment allow us to offer our customers all-ceramic esthetic crowns. When a traditional crown is not the best solution for your dental woes, an all-ceramic crown just might be the perfect option.

What is an All-ceramic Crown?

The material used by dentists for treating patients has changed and been developed over the years. The introduction of the all-ceramic crown is just one example. The all-ceramic crown is the most natural-looking option available today. Made from ceramic, your new tooth will appear natural and fit easily alongside your other teeth, giving the illusion that the crown is in fact an original tooth.

All-ceramic crowns can:

  • Restore tooth shape
  • Increase tooth strength
  • Appear natural
  • Behave like a normal tooth

With an all-ceramic crown, not only will your tooth be restored to a healthier state but people won’t be able to spot the difference.

How to Apply an All-Ceramic Crown?

Once we decide you need a new crown, we will book two appointments for you. The first appointment is so we can prep the tooth, ensure that all decay is properly cleaned out, and identify any shaping that might be required. During this first visit, you will also have:

  • Some hygiene work done
  • An impact taken
  • Your troubled tooth fitted with a temporary crown

After we have sent your implant away to a trusted lab to create your all-ceramic crown, we will schedule your second appointment once it is ready. During this second appointment, we will apply the crown, or “seat” the crown. Your dentist will then ensure that it is secure and fits your old tooth properly before your new tooth is ready to go.

What to Expect with an All-Ceramic Crown?

The goal of dental technology is to create products that act just like natural teeth, and an all-ceramic crown strives to do just that. The ultimate goal is for you to never notice that you’re wearing a crown at all. An all-ceramic crown has the following qualities:

  • Looks like your natural tooth
  • Feels like your natural tooth
  • Acts like your natural tooth

Even when you’re eating hard-to-chew foods, we are confident that your new crown will handle the test. Your new all-ceramic crown can satisfy you to the point that you may forget you even had dental work done in the first place.

Nobody enjoys having dental work, and it is usually not something we think too much about unless we have to. However, in the event that you do require dental work, specifically capping a tooth, you can rest assured that we work with the latest technology to provide a service that’ll leave you satisfied with the results and give you a natural looking smile.


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