Prosthetic & Implant Dentistry

At Coral Gables Dentistry, we understand the impact of a complete and healthy smile on your overall well-being. Our restorative and prosthetic dentistry services encompass a range of advanced treatments, tailored to restore both the functionality and aesthetics of your teeth.

Our Services:

  • All-Ceramic Restorations: Discover the beauty of all-ceramic restorations – metal-free solutions that mimic the natural translucency and color of your teeth. Achieve a seamless blend with your existing smile, combining aesthetics with durability.
  • Bridges: Bridges provide a reliable solution for replacing missing teeth, restoring your ability to eat, speak, and smile with confidence. Our expert team customizes bridges to ensure a comfortable fit and natural appearance.
  • Dental Implants: Experience the gold standard in tooth replacement with dental implants. These durable and natural-looking implants integrate seamlessly into your jawbone, providing stability and preventing bone loss.
  • All-on-4®: All-on-4® is an innovative approach to implant-supported dentures, offering a fixed and full-arch restoration with just four strategically placed implants. Regain the function and aesthetics of a complete set of teeth.
  • Dentures: Our custom-crafted dentures are designed to fit comfortably and enhance your ability to chew and speak. Whether partial or full dentures, we prioritize both functionality and aesthetics for a confident smile.
  • Full Mouth Restorations: For comprehensive smile transformation, our full mouth restorations combine various restorative procedures tailored to your unique needs. Regain optimal oral health and a radiant smile in one personalized treatment plan.

Rediscover Your Complete Smile with Coral Gables Dentistry

Coral Gables Dentistry is dedicated to helping you rediscover the joy of a complete smile. Whether you need all-ceramic restorations, bridges, dental implants, All-on-4®, dentures, or a full mouth restoration, our skilled team is here to guide you. Schedule your appointment today and let us restore both your oral health and confidence.

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We value your time, so we always run on schedule, respecting your commitments, with no double bookings and minimal wait times. Experience dentistry like never before in our award-winning clinic.

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