Emergency Dentistry – What you need to know

Dec 31, 2014

There are several types of dental injury that can be classified as emergency cases and thus require immediate attention from an emergency dentist in 33134. At our clinic, we are prepped and ready to respond to emergencies at all times. Be it any kind of tooth injury, throbbing pain, accidental tooth loss, or facial injury resulting in damage to the teeth, our team of dental specialists has experience with the gamut of dental emergencies.

Common dental injuries

There are hundreds of everyday scenarios that can result in a dental injury — from car crashes, to sports injuries, to the simple act of chewing on something hard. In terms of emergencies, some of the most common dental problems that require immediate attention include severe pain in any of the teeth or the jaw, fractured or broken teeth, dislodged teeth, abscesses caused by infection, and jaw injury.

What to do in case of dental emergency

Should you need immediate dental treatment or attention, you have the option of either arranging a same-day appointment or calling the emergency services in extreme cases. We’ll always do our utmost to assist you with the fastest possible treatment, but in all cases our trained team will be able to advise you on the best course of action the moment you give us a call.

How to prevent dental injuries

Accidents happen and sometimes injuries cannot be avoided. But in the case of dental injuries, there are certain ways to reduce the risks of many of the most common types of dental injury – most of which are purely common sense measures.

• Wear a mouth piece when competing in sports
• Wear your seatbelt at all times
• Avoid biting hard objects such as jaw breakers or bottle caps
• Be extra careful when doing manual labor
• Get regular dental sessions with your hygienist for proper care and advice

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