Get to the Root of the Problem: 3 Things to Know About Root Canals

Jul 15, 2015

If you have sensitivity to hot or cold food and are suffering from shooting pain in your mouth, you might need a root canal. Although having to have any oral procedure might sound like a big deal, the actual procedure is quite simple, and with more than 15 million root canals performed each year, this oral procedure is one of the most common procedures done. Read on to learn more about root canals in order to prepare for your oral procedure:

  1. Root Canals Aren’t Painful

If you’re like most people, every time you hear someone say “Root Canal” you want to slam on the breaks and scream out in pain. Although the drama that ensues when you hear the term “Root Canal” might be exciting, it’s completely unnecessary. If anything, root canals alleviate pain that is caused by sensitivity and tooth pain by simply removing the damaged tissue from the tooth. Additionally, root canals aren’t any more painful than getting a filling— which should give you peace of mind.

  1. Root Canals Save Teeth

Have you ever had a nightmare where your teeth fall out? Leave the thought of a life without teeth to the sandman, by getting a root canal. A tooth that has had a root canal can easily be saved and won’t have to be removed— leaving you with your natural smile and a mouth full of healthy teeth. After all, nothing feels and works quite as well as your natural teeth and your endodontist should do everything they can to preserve it through a root canal.

  1. Root Canals are Effective

Root canal treatments have an extremely high success rate at about 85-97%, which is easy to conclude that they are very effective. Additionally, the only times that root canals aren’t effective is typically due to some sort of oral bacteria infection that can occur during the healing process, but they are easily preventable.

Among root canals being fairly painless and effective, it’s no wonder that they’re one of the most common oral procedures conducted each year. If you’re worried that you need a root canal, talk to a specialist today.


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